Tuesday, 29 November 2011

BENTLEY RUMBLE 'Bad Girl, Cries A Lot' (2009)

Raju always dreaded the day when the new parents came to visit the orphanage. He would wake up long before the other boys and immediately rush off to find his sister Neela, telling her how she must behave when they got there, how she must keep her eyes and ears open, follow his instructions as carefully and closely as he expected her to follow them.
  'If you don't,' Raju would then warn her in his sternest, most serious tone of voice, 'they'll take you away from me to live in a strange country, far across the sea.  And we'll never see each other again if they do that, Neela.  Not ever again, not even if we live to be very, very old.'

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Last updated: January 2017 

'Bad Girl, Cries A Lot' (2009) Bentley Rumble

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