Thursday, 23 February 2012

BENTLEY RUMBLE More Than A Sigh (2003)

Jack Hertzberg, sixty-three years old and feeling every minute of it, sat alone in the front seat of his late-model Saab and wondered again why he’d allowed himself to be bullied into driving all the way to Alexandria on such a bakingly hot morning.  It was a comfortable seventeen degrees inside the car but it was already much warmer than that outside according to its thermostat –– a fact which became doubly depressing when he checked his watch and saw that it was only 10:45.  Wheezing heavily into his balled-up handkerchief, he wished again that he was at home in his large comfortable bed, a glass of chilled orange juice within easy reach on the nightstand beside his fountain pen and his new book of Sudoku puzzles.

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Last updated: June 2017

More Than A Sigh (2003) – Bentley Rumble

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