Wednesday, 4 July 2012

BENTLEY RUMBLE A Face So Bright and Fair (2010)

Having reached room eighteen without dropping the tray, Jessie now raised her left knee to give herself something to balance it on while she knocked on the door, tapping as softly as she could, just as Mrs Parmenter had taught her to do, in case Mr Fitzwilliam was taking a nap or was speaking to someone long-distance on the telephone.
  He answered her knock right away, saying ‘Come in’ before remembering to add that the door was unlocked.  He had a nice voice, Jessie thought –– low and deep and ten times swishier than the one Mr Blake bunged on when he was out to show the guests what a posh refined gentleman he was.  But it also sounded a bit sad, she thought, for someone who earned his living as a singer and probably spent all his time staying in much swankier hotels than The Medlow with nobodies like her bringing him cakes, tea and sandwiches any time of the day or night he fancied a bite to eat.

51 pages / 20,593 words / 4 MB
Last updated: February 2018

A Face So Bright and Fair (2010) – Bentley Rumble

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