Thursday, 28 November 2013

BENTLEY RUMBLE Layover (2012)

It was truly amazing, Karen Swerdlow thought as she sat alone in the Admirals Club lounge waiting for her lover to emerge from the bathroom, how much misery a supposedly rational adult human being was capable of inflicting on themselves for the sake of maintaining what they needed to believe –– for whatever misguided reasons of their own –– was a potentially satisfying long-term relationship.  They would waste hours watching movies and TV shows they pretended to enjoy but secretly despised, fake an enthusiast’s interest in music or sporting events which in reality bored them to tears or, in her case, voluntarily spend their own money to fly halfway across the continent to offer comfort and support to somebody who had done everything short of physically restraining them to discourage them from making the trip.  Did that make people like her masochists, Karen wondered again as she sat there listening to a distant disembodied voice announce yet another cancelled flight, or merely self-deceiving fools?

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Last updated: April 2017

Layover (2012) Bentley Rumble

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