Thursday, 23 January 2014

BENTLEY RUMBLE Surprise! (2011)

Ann-Marie left the gift where it was and hurried off to the bedroom. The bed was still unmade so she straightened it and plumped up the pillows, feeling slightly annoyed with her husband, as she tucked both corners of the sheet neatly under the mattress, for making her waste time on a time-consuming chore like this when she had so many more important things to do that day. But then, fair was fair, wasn’t it? Rick didn’t know about the party. As far as Rick knew, they were going to the Farmington Inn tonight for a steak dinner like they always did any time anyone in the family found themselves with a birthday to celebrate. Rick had no idea that his mom and his Aunt Fern were driving up from Harrisburg or that his sister and brother-in-law had lied about when they were due back from their vacation so they’d be here to shout ‘Surprise!’ with everybody when he got home from work tonight.

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Last updated: January 2018

Surprise! (2011) Bentley Rumble

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