Thursday, 22 October 2015

BENTLEY RUMBLE Us Three (2015)

Either drink that, Dean, or leave it alone.
    Dean failed to hear what his mum said because he was too busy blowing air through his straw into his glass of Fanta to pay attention to her.  He liked to blow air through his straw so he could watch the way the bubbles went floating up from the bottom of the glass to the surface of the foaming orange liquid.  Doing that, he’d found, was a lot more fun than eating the prawn cutlet she’d made such a fuss of putting on his plate a minute ago or listening to Craig say it was all right to call him
Uncle Craig if he felt like it.  Michelle had started calling him Uncle Craig, Craig kept telling him, and he, Dean, could call him that too if he wanted to, he didn’t mind one way or the other.
Either drink your drink or leave it alone, I said.  Frances, annoyed with her son because he was making her sound like a cranky nag in front of this man she was so anxious to impress, shifted self-consciously in her seat, certain that everyone in the restaurant must be watching them.  We’re in a restaurant now, Dean, not at Nana’s house.  Sit up and stop acting like a baby.

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