Friday, 2 June 2017


The storm is brewing...

Human Services Minister ALAN TUDGE just launched another attack on people struggling to make ends meet.

Can you sign the petition calling on Parliament to reject cuts to the clean energy supplement, which would snatch precious support away from those who can least afford it?

Yesterday's move is the latest in a long line of concerted attacks on people on income support – from robo-debt threats to humiliating drug tests. Today's cut will exclusively target those on the lowest incomes, pushing hundreds of thousands of Australians even further below the poverty line.

This from a government that's bending over backwards to give the likes of Goldman Sachs and Chevron a $65 billion tax handout.

That's why we're sending a people-powered thunder clap through Parliament House. A massive petition, backed in by thousands of constituent emails, will send a deafening roar through the halls of Parliament right as the bills are introduced today. Add your name now.

What is the clean energy supplement?

The clean energy supplement was Australia's first real increase in unemployment benefits in 23 years.

Axing the clean energy supplement will see 2.2 million Australians lose up to $7 each week. For many Australians struggling to make ends meet, that means putting on a brave face as you tell your 11 year old you can't afford to send him to school camp.

When the Turnbull Government tried to axe the Clean Energy Supplement last year, the Labor Party, Greens and Nick Xenophon Team shot the bill down before it even made it to the Senate. But Mr Tudge seems to think he's in with a shot at forcing the cuts through this time around.

That's why we need to act fast and show our politicians the public won't stand for attacks on those who can least afford it. And the best way to make that happen is by sending a deafening roar through the halls of Parliament right as the bills are introduced today.

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