Friday, 16 February 2018

WRITERS ON WRITING #104: Arielle Aaronson

I think ideally a translator should read through the entire work and be able to see through the text to grasp the style of writing… But all authors have different writing styles, of course.  So a huge part of me would say that it’s important to stick as close to the author’s intent and voice as possible. However, I also feel that reading should be a pleasurable experience. Therefore, I will also try to adapt my translation in order to reflect how an English speaker might perceive the text.  Does this involve making subjective assumptions?  Yes.  While that may be problematic at times, I also find that when sentences are translated too faithfully they jump off the page as sounding awkward and forced.  And that irks me.

Interview [Québec Reads, date unspecified]

Click HERE to read the full interview with Canadian writer and translator ARIELLE AARONSON originally posted on the Québec Reads website.

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