Wednesday, 1 February 2012


To me, the language[used by literary theorists] shows a certain hostility for writing and literature, as theorists talk about traditional and experimental writing and urge students to analyse their own work in the language of the criticThe word experimental has been around for so long it evokes a bit of a yawn, and it is meaningless, since all writing is experimental, as the writer tries to work out how to convey his meaning, and in fact what to conveyThere is a ‘not knowing’ that is paramount whenever a writer embarks on a new work and lasts right until the last draft, when the writer has to say this is as good as I can make it right now.

Inspiring Creativity (2007)


GLENDA ADAMS (1939-2007) was an Australian novelist, short story writer, creative writing teacher and journalist. Click HERE to visit the READING GLENDA ADAMS blog created by her daughter CAITLIN. You can also click HERE to read her Wikipedia entry. 

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