Monday, 8 October 2012


A writer being purposely unhappy when writing provides such a glorious and unpredictably rewarding path through lifewell, that's borderline criminal.  If the budding writer just settled down and wrote, then he or she would become more and more who they are happy being, and might make things other people can like and feel happy about, too.  Better still, the sheer effort of getting better, of pushing sentences to shine brighter, of fumbling about in the dark of half-formed ideas and feeling foolish and lonely and scared –– that's more than enough suffering to be going on with.  And, even better than that, when you've taken your exercise for the day, you'll feel great.  You'll be tired, but you'll have dignity.  You tried your best and maybe learned something and if not today, then tomorrow –– who knows how good you might get.

The Guardian (2 April 2012)

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