Monday, 3 December 2012


Good writing is writing that changes you, where you can’t return to how you were before you interacted with it; writing that takes you from where you began to someplace entirely new.  The role of literature now, in this complex moment in human history, is an extremely important one with regards to knowledge.  It’s a question related to good and evil.  In this world, good and evil have become very complex.  What is good, and what is evil?  Literature enables us –– as readers and as recipients –– to address these human complexities and answer difficult, complicated questions like these.  Is this enough to be a good person in this world, today?  Is it enough?  It isn’t.  We need more knowledge, and for that we need literature, which at its core deals with humans and their world.  We need literature that can lead us to other regions of knowledge, from one world to another.

Women and Arabic Literature (18 November 2012)

Click HERE to read the full article about Egyptian novelist SALWA BAKR by ELISABETH JAQUETTE, posted on the excellent Wordpress blog Arabic Literature (in English) created and maintained by M. LYNX QUALEY.

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