Thursday, 28 March 2013

WRITERS ON WRITING #31: Jana El Hassan

I write journalism and some poetry, but I never wanted to become a poet or simply a journalist.  My dream was and still is to become a novelist.  I believe stories can change our lives and some novels actually did that to me.  When you are writing fiction, you are entitled to be a poet, a journalist, a dancer, an evil man, a saint, a photographer, an Islamist fighter, a president, a carpenter, a house worker or even a vagabond.  You are granted full access to imagine the lives of all these people, to feel them and portray them.  What other riches can one wish for?

Looking at the Longlist: Writing As A Scandalous and Outrageous Act (22 December 2012) 

Click HERE to read the full interview with Lebanese novelist JANA EL HASSAN published on the excellent Wordpress blog Arabic Literature (In English) created and maintained by M. LYNX QUALEY.

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