Wednesday, 3 April 2013

BENTLEY RUMBLE Recognition: A Novel (2009, revised 2013)

'How long is long enough?'

This is the question facing 31 year old singer/songwriter Jason Leishman as he struggles to overcome the obstacles –– apathetic record companies, bandmates who can't play, plus a chronic case of mixed emotions about his new girlfriend Emma –– which seem to stand between him and his lifelong dream of making it in the music industry.

Should he stay with Emma, who loves him enough to support him while he tries to reinvent himself as a solo act? Or should he dump her for Candy, the sexually-adventurous barmaid he's so bad at saying 'No' to?  And then there's Zoe, the troubled young party babe whose early morning ramblings through the quiet streets of inner-city Sydney threaten to teach him a lot more about himself than he bargained for.  What, if anything, should he do about her?

With Garry McIlwaine, slick-talking owner of Awesome Records, starting to say all the right things about his music, it could now be make-or-break time for him.  Will he be able to conquer his frustrations and sign the record deal that threatens to make him a star?  Will he realize what a treasure he's found in Emma and start putting her needs first for a change?  Or will he blow it, like he has so many times in the past, by letting his ego call the shots again?

RECOGNITION is the story of a talented guy who, like a lot of talented people, can't seem to stop being his own worst enemy.


373 pages / 149,347 words / 7 MB

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Contains frequent coarse language, drug use and explicit sexual references.

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  1. Looking forward to reading this!

  2. Thanks, Lynne. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. UndergroundMan56415 August 2013 at 07:33

    Don't know about Lynne, but I have read it and thought it was a pretty cool book. Thanks for making it available for free.

  4. You're entirely welcome, UM564. I'm glad you enjoyed the book & sincerely thank you for posting a comment. I don't get many comments so your interest is very much appreciated.