Thursday, 9 January 2014


KARYS PK, 2013


it is not until
the middle of the night
that I know loneliness
is simply blood that
never bled out,

it is knowing you
could have but
you are still
going without.

Published online 5/12/2013
© 2013 towritepoems



the day you looked the prettiest
to me was the day you told me that
maybe love really did exist

and i swear you shone,
like the lights from the ends
of your fingertips
were calling you home

and i couldn't fill my lungs
or feel my tongue and
even my tone-deaf heart
could have sung

and i asked if you meant
what you said, and you
said, "i do"

as you tried to make eye contact
with the boy across
the room.

Published online 14/12/2013
© 2013 towritepoems

The Poet:  The following biographical statement appears on the poet's Tumblr blog.  [It is re-posted here for recommendation purposes only and, like the poems, remains its author's exclusive copyright-protected intellectual property.]

   My name is Karys.
   I am sixteen years old.
   I am five foot three.
   I am naturally a blonde.
   I am bilingual.
   I am allergic to bananas.
   I am lactose intolerant.
   I am Canadian.
   I am gay.
   I am gifted in English Literature.
   I am unhappy.

Karys PK's descriptions of loneliness and longing are among the most moving and eloquent I've ever encountered. 

UPDATE July 2016

You used to be able to click HERE to visit the Tumblr blog of poet KARYS PK before she made it private.  You may be able to read more of her work on her Facebook page if she has one and you can find it.

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