Thursday, 26 June 2014

WRITERS ON WRITING #50: Ford Madox Ford

They [Stephen and Cora Crane] were very simple people really.  All great authors are.  If you are not simple you are not observant.  If you are not observant you cannot write.  But you must observe simply.  The first characteristic of great writing is a certain humility.

I suppose, after having studied the matter all my life, that what is most necessary for Literature –– or for any art or any human pursuit! –– is a standard.  That is something to kick off from or to kick.  If it is good you work according to its dictates.  If it is bad you gain inspiration from fighting it.

Return to Yesterday (1931)


Click HERE to visit the UK website of THE FORD MADOX FORD SOCIETY.  You can also click HERE to view clips from the soon-to-be released documentary It Was The Nightingale: The Unreliable Story of Ford Madox Ford, directed by PAUL LEWIS for Subterracon Films.

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