Thursday, 28 August 2014

WRITERS ON WRITING #53: Mohammad Hassan Alwan

Censorship’s worst side is that it makes writers overly self-conscious during the process of writing.  However, it is a permanent fact in writing that is not likely to go away.  If you are not being censored by the state, you are going to be censored by either social sensitivities or the audience’s expectations.  I therefore learned not to waste my time complaining about censorship and rather look at it as the playing boundaries of the field.  No player wants to be out of bounds, and such is also the case for writers.

Looking at the Longlist: Nine Questions with Saudi Writer Mohammad Hassan Alwan (14 December 2012)

Click HERE to read the full interview with Saudi novelist MOHAMMAD HASSAN ALWAN on the excellent Wordpress blog Arabic Literature (In English) created and maintained by M. LYNX QUALEY. 

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