Thursday, 18 December 2014

THINK ABOUT IT #1: Rollo May

The old myths and symbols by which we oriented ourselves are gone, anxiety is rampant; we cling to each other and try to persuade ourselves that what we feel is love; we do not will because we are afraid that if we choose one thing or one person we'll lose the other, and we are too insecure to take that chance.  The bottom then drops out of the conjunctive emotions and processes –– of which love and will are the two foremost examples.  The individual is forced to turn inward; he becomes obsessed with the new form of the problem of identity, namely, Even-if-I-know-who-I am, I-have-no-significance.  I am unable to influence others.  The next step is apathy.  And the step following that is violence.  For no human being can accept the perpetually numbing experience of his own powerlessness.

Love and Will (1969)

Click HERE to read a short introduction to the theory and practice of Existential Psychotherapy.  To watch a short YouTube video (10 minutes) that explains the work of US Existential Psychotherapist ROLLO MAY, please click HERE.

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