Thursday, 29 January 2015

WRITERS ON WRITING #60: Ford Madox Ford

When the party broke up, I stood for a long time with the Prince under the portico of the restaurant whilst the rain poured down.  He asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was just publishing a fairy-tale.  He said that that was an admirable sort of thing to do.  Then he said that he hoped the fairy-tale was not about Princes and Princesses –– or at least that I would write one that would be about ordinary people.  I have been trying to do so ever since.  Indeed I tried to do so at once with the singular result that although my first invention had a great –– indeed a prodigious –– sale I could not even find a publisher for the second.  My subsequent difficulties have been technical.  I always want to write about ordinary people.  But it seems to be almost impossible to decide who are ordinary people –– and then to meet them.  All men's lives and characteristics are so singular.

Return to Yesterday (1931)

Click HERE to visit the UK website of THE FORD MADOX FORD SOCIETY.  You can also click HERE to view clips from the soon-to-be released documentary It Was The Nightingale: The Unreliable Story of Ford Madox Ford, directed by PAUL LEWIS for Subterracon Films.

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