Thursday, 12 February 2015

WRITERS ON WRITING #61: Charmian Clift

This [job of writing a weekly newspaper column] involves even stronger disciplines than I've ever faced before.  In a way I enjoy it, I find it terribly demandingI know that I am writing faster and better than I ever did because of this.  I think a great deal of writing is to do with the more one writes, the faster and better one can write.  This doesn't mean I believe in sloppy writing.  I go over every draft, over and over, I sometimes make five drafts, six drafts, of everything I do before I'm satisfied.

Taped interview for the National Library of Australia by HAZEL DE BERG [8 June 1965]


Click HERE to read an essay about the tragic and fascinating life and career of Australian novelist,  journalist and travel writer CHARMIAN CLIFT written by her 2001 biographer NADIA WHEATLEY.  Those interested in exploring the time that CHARMIAN CLIFT and her husband, the Australian novelist GEORGE JOHNSTON, spent living on the Greek Island of Hydra –– where their friends and neighbours included Canadian poet and singer/songwriter LEONARD COHEN –– can do so by clicking HERE.

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