Thursday, 12 March 2015

WRITERS ON WRITING #62: Clementine von Radics

I say write.  I say believe in yourself.  I say publish your work online.  Publishing online is completely no-stakes.  Either no one reads it and you're right back where you started, or it takes off and suddenly you have an audience.

Of course I've felt terrible and without talent.  I've spent days working on poems I just throw away.  I am not even certain of a lot of poems I end up publishing, but I publish them.  Mostly because I have to let them go.

Publishing online is almost entirely how I built my career, and I am absolutely a better writer for it.  In doing so, I have met other writers who have bettered me immeasurably, I have learned what's popular and what's not with the general public, and I have given myself deadlines that forced me to create new work.

In short; do it.  Be brave.

Tumblr entry [9 February 2014]


Click HERE to visit the Tumblr blog of poet and spoken word performance artist CLEMENTINE VON RADICS whose latest book –– Mouthful of Forevers –– will soon be available from Amazon.

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