Thursday, 9 April 2015

THINK ABOUT IT #3: Phyllis Rose

More people should visit Antarctica, metaphorically speaking, on their own. That is one of the conclusions I have reached, one of my recommendations: explore something, even if it’s just a bookshelf.  Make a stab in the dark.  Read off the beaten path.  Your attention is precious.  Be careful of other people trying to direct how you dispense it.  Confront your own values.  Decide what it is you are looking for and then look for it.  Perform connoisseurship.  We all need to create our own vocabulary of appreciation, or we are trapped by the vocabulary of others.

The Shelf: Adventures in Extreme Reading (2014)


Click HERE to read a review of The Shelf: Adventures in Extreme Reading (2014) on the fascinating 'forgotten literature' site The Neglected Books Page.

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