Thursday, 25 June 2015


I admire those people who can produce a new book regularly every year.  I've found it more difficult as time goes on.  I suppose it's easy for anyone to produce their first novel‚ it's all there inside you and only needs to be written down.  Also a second and third may be just under the surface and comparatively easy to dig out.  After that it becomes more difficult, unless you're prepared to go on writing exactly the same book with only slight variations, over and over again.  And people are always very ready to tell you anecdotes from their own experience –– which, in their opinion, would be just the thing for one of your novels.  Readers who don't like your kind of story sometimes suggest plots or subjects for you in the hope that you may write something different.  And sometimes, especially when things aren't going well, it's tempting to give it a try.


Finding A Voice [Talk recorded 8 February 1978 for BBC Radio]


Click HERE to visit the website of THE BARBARA PYM SOCIETY, an international association dedicated to preserving this very British novelist's literary legacy and providing information about her work and life.

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