Thursday, 24 September 2015

WRITERS ON WRITING #72: Badryah Al-Bishr

As a writer, I need space to work, so that I can write without [feeling trapped in a] constant state of struggle and conflict.  If I'm not being clear, I want my sentence to be for me, mine, and not simply a sentence responding to the comment of another.  When I was writing articles for Arshaq Al Aswat, I found myself always being [in a state of] reaction, and not action.  I believe a successful person is someone who does and doesn't simply react.  I think an intellectual shouldn't spend all his time debating others.

Saudi Writer Badryah al-Bishr: Be the Action, Not the Reaction [23 March 2015]

Click HERE to read the full interview with Saudi novelist BADRYAH AL-BISHR posted on the excellent Wordpress website Arabic Literature (In English) founded and maintained by M LYNX QUALEY.

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