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IRIS DeMENT, c. 2015


Standin' barefoot on a cold wood floor
Lookin' out the window of my back door
If it keeps on rainin' I think the whole damn 
   house is gonna float away
The alarm was buzzin' at the break of dawn
My husband's askin' "Is the coffee on?"
And easy's gettin' harder every day

I'll drop the baby off at school at nine
And bust the lights to get to work on time
Where I'll be starin' at the clock
Just waitin' to knock off another day
When supper's done we'll watch some TV show
Of a bunch of folks who've never heard of Idaho
Where easy's gettin' harder every day

I had a garden but my flowers died
There ain't much livin' here inside
Lately I don't know what I'm holdin' on to
Wished I could run away to Coeur d'Alene
Take nothin' with me, not even my name
'Cause easy's gettin' harder every day 

We make love and then we kiss good night 
He rolls over and he's out like a light
But I ain't mad about it, we got nothin' to talk
   about anyway
The lights are blinkin' on the radio tower
And I lie awake and stare at them for hours and hours
'Cause easy's gettin' harder every day

I had a garden but my flowers died
There ain't much livin' here inside
Lately I don't know what I'm holdin' on to
I'll never make it up to Coeur d'Alene
There ain't no chance of me forgettin' my name
And easy's gettin' harder every day
And it feels like easy just keeps on gettin' harder every day

Words and Music by IRIS DeMENT 

From the 1994 Warner Bros LP My Life
© 1993 Songs of Iris ASCAP

The Songwriter:  The following biography by JASON ANKENY is taken from the AllMusic website.  [It is re-posted here for recommendation purposes only and, like the material quoted above, remains its author's exclusive copyright-protected intellectual property.]

One of the most celebrated country-folk performers of her day, singer/songwriter Iris Dement was born on January 5, 1961, in rural Paragould, Arkansas, the youngest of 14 children. At the age of three, her devoutly religious family moved to California, where she grew up singing gospel music; during her teenaged years, however, she was first exposed to country, folk, and R&B, drawing influence from Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell. Upon graduating high school, she relocated to Kansas City to attend college.

After a series of jobs waitressing and typing, DeMent first began composing songs at the age of 25. Honing her skills at open-mike nights, she moved to Nashville in 1988, where she contacted producer Jim Rooney, who helped her land a record contract. DeMent did not make her recording debut until 1992, when her independent label offering, Infamous Angel, won almost universal acclaim thanks to her pure, evocative vocal style and spare, heartfelt songcraft. Despite a complete lack of support from country radio, the record's word-of-mouth praise earned her a deal with Warner Bros., which reissued Infamous Angel in 1993 as well as its follow-up, 1994's stunning My Life.

Her third LP, 1996's eclectic The Way I Should, marked a dramatic change not only in its more rock-influenced sound but also in its subject matter; where DeMent's prior work was introspective and deeply personal, The Way I Should was fiercely political, tackling topics like sexual abuse, religion, government policy, and Vietnam. In 1999, she collaborated with countryman John Prine on his album In Spite of Ourselves. DeMent recorded four duets with Prine that earned her a Grammy nod the following year. Her own recording career was on hiatus in the late '90s and early 2000s, but she returned in 2005 with Lifeline, a collection of gospel hymns. Released in 2012, Sing the Delta, her first album of original songs in 16 years, found her working again within the sparse and emotional quilt of her earlier releases. DeMent returned three years later with 2015's The Trackless Woods, a collection of poems by 20th century Russian poet Anna Akhmatova adapted to music.

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