Thursday, 23 February 2017

THINK ABOUT IT #22: Christopher Lasch

The university remains a diffuse, shapeless, and permissive institution that has absorbed the major currents of cultural modernism and reduced them to a watery blend, a mind-emptying ideology of cultural revolution, personal fulfillment, and creative alienationNot only does higher education destroy the students' minds; it incapacitates them emotionally as well, rendering them incapable of confronting experience without benefit of textbooks, grades, and pre-digested points of view.  Far from preparing students to live 'authentically,' the higher learning in America leaves them unable to perform the simplest task –– to prepare a meal or go to a party or get into bed with a member of the opposite sex –– without seeking academic instruction.  The only thing it leaves to chance is higher learning.

The Culture of Narcissism (1979)

Click HERE to read a 1991 Civic Arts Review interview with US historian and cultural critic CHRISTOPHER LASCH.

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