Thursday, 24 August 2017

THINK ABOUT IT #27: Marion Woodman

I always try to grasp the metaphor at the root of an addiction. That varies.  With food, it can be mother; with alcohol, spirit; with cocaine, light; with sex, union.  Mother, spirit, light, union — these can be archetypal images of the soul’s search for what it needs.  If we fail to understand the soul’s yearning, then we concretize and become compulsively driven toward an object that cannot satisfy the soul’s longing.

Conscious Femininity: Interviews with Marion Woodman (1993)

Click HERE to read more about the life and work of Canadian author, feminist and psychologist MARION WOODMAN.  You can also click HERE to read an online interview with MARION WOODMAN originally published in the November 1995 edition of M.E.N Magazine.

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