Thursday, 22 March 2018

WRITERS ON WRITING #106: James Jones

[The writing] wasn't much, and it certainly wasn't good, but such as it was, it was his, by God.  He was still a writer.  And so every day's existence was governed by how well the writing went that day.  If it went well, everything was wonderful; there was nothing bad enough could happen that it could upset your happiness and enjoyment.  And if it went badly, everything was miserable.  And if you didn't work at all –– nothing on God's green earth could break through your wall of gloom and guilt.  You didn't do it because you wanted to, because you enjoyed it, you did it because you couldn't help it, you had to do it, you had to do it because that was the only way you could justify to yourself all the weakness and pettiness and worthlessness of yourself that you hated –– and because your damned vanity was so inordinately strong that you had to prove that you could do it.

Some Came Running (1957)

Click HERE to read a post about the 1957 novel Some Came Running published on the blog of US novelist MATHEW PAUST and HERE to visit the website of the US-based JAMES JONES LITERARY SOCIETY.

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