Thursday, 15 August 2013

POET OF THE MONTH #8: Mohammed Bennis



the first step begins where you are now
full of doubt you constantly stare
a dizziness
in time you will seek out its source

words are your nourishment
this road you only see as darkness
within darkness
a friend was here then disappeared
not every goodbye can be goodbye

a hand
between the rocks points out the road
within the road


                                                                           from the collection Seven Birds (2011)


The Poet: The following biographical statement appears on the Astymptote website.  [It is re-posted here for information purposes only and, like the poem re-posted above, remains its author's exclusive copyright-protected intellectual property.] 

Mohammed Bennis is a Moroccan poet, among the most important voices in Arab literature.  He was born in 1948 in Fez, Morocco.  He is also the translator into Arabic of Stéphane Mallarmé, Georges Bataille and Bernard Noël.  In 1974, he founded the magazine Al Thaqâfa Al Jadida [The New Culture], which played an active role in the cultural life of Morocco until it was closed down in 1984.  In 1985, together with university professors and writers, he established the publishing house Dar Toubkal.  He was the driving force behind the funding of The House of Poetry in Morocco in 1996 and was its president from 1996 to 2003. He has published fourteen poetry collections and more than 30 titles of poetry, prose, essays and translations.  He has received several awards in Europe and the Middle East.  His poetry has been translated into numerous languages, including French, German, Spanish, English, Swedish, Italian, Turkish and Japanese. 

Click HERE to read more poems by MOHAMMED BENNIS, translated into English by NASHWA NASRELDIN, on the Astymptote website.  You can also click HERE to find more links to his poetry on the excellent Wordpress blog Arabic Literature (In English) maintained by M. LYNX QUALEY.  To visit the website of MOHAMMED BENNIS, please click HERE. 

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