Thursday, 30 October 2014

BENTLEY RUMBLE Early Writing (2014)

My first attempt to write what I daringly called ‘a book’ was a kind of story-with-pictures titled Spies that I produced at the age of ten at the urging of my fourth grade primary school teacher.  I took its composition seriously and worked extremely hard to get each of its many incidental details right, determined to make the finished product look and read as much like a ‘real book’ as possible before I did what all writers secretly dread to do and handed it in to be assessed (a polite euphemism for ‘criticized and/or edited’).  Even then I was a perfectionist and I’m ashamed to say that the self-defeating habit of striving for perfection is one I’ve never lost –– an admission which possibly explains my snail-like rate of production and the embarrassing meagreness of my literary output.

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Last updated: January 2017

Early Writing (2014) Bentley Rumble

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