Friday, 22 April 2016

WRITERS ON WRITING #80: Ford Madox Ford

If this civilisation of ours is to be saved it can only be saved by a change of heart in the whole population of the globe.  Neither improvements in machines nor the jugglings of economists can do it.  To have a living civilisation we must have civilised hearts.  I don't mean to say that it is a very good chance.  But it is the only one.  And it is a change that can only be brought about convinced worlds by the artist –– by the thinker who has evolved living words that will convinceAnd every real artist in words who deserts the occupation of pure imaginative writing to immerse himself in the Public Affairs that have ruined our world, takes away a little of our chance of coming alive through these lugubrious times.  And when it is a very real artist with a great hold on the people, it is by so much more a pity

Portraits From Life (1937)

THE FORD MADOX FORD SOCIETY is an international organization founded in 1997 'to promote knowledge of and interest in the life and works of Ford Madox Ford' which can be visited by clicking HERE.  You can also click HERE to view clips from the (hopefully) soon-to-be released documentary It Was The Nightingale: The Unreliable Story of Ford Madox Ford, directed by PAUL LEWIS for Subterracon Films.

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