Thursday, 5 January 2017

THINK ABOUT IT #21: Rollo May

Freud, Rank, and others have suggested that all anxiety may be, at bottom, separation anxiety.  And thus loneliness –– the awareness of separation –– may well turn out to be the most painful conscious and immediate form of anxiety.  The cultural values of conformity, the adjustment of the 'radar type' who reflects his signals from the crowd around him, are related to the prevalence of loneliness in our day… Loneliness is a common experience of those who conform, for while on one hand they are driven to conform because of loneliness, on the other, the validating of the self by means of becoming like everybody else reduces their sense of self and their experience of personal identity.  The process makes for inner emptiness, thus causing greater loneliness.

Psychology and the Human Dilemma (1967)

Click HERE to read a short introduction to the theory and practice of Existential Psychotherapy.  To watch a short YouTube video (10 minutes) that explains the work of US Existential Psychotherapist ROLLO MAY, please click HERE.

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