Thursday, 23 March 2017

WRITERS ON WRITING #91: Bruce Jay Friedman

Essentially, I think of it [fiction and non-fiction writing] as story-telling.  Act one, two and three.  As someone smarter than me said, 'Chase a cat up a tree, throw stones at it, then bring it down.'  I’m making it sound easy, but my first attempts at each form were on the shaky side.  There was a seven-year period –– in my twenties –– of trying to write a novel that wasn’t any good.  But I learned to write a good one by writing a bad one.  I presented the first 100 pages or so of a first screenplay to the director Alan Pakula.  He pointed to a line on page 100 and said, 'Let’s begin here.'  Annoying, but he was right.  I’d spent all that time clearing my throat.  And I learned that Hollywood wasn’t interested in the alleged unique quality of my voice.  Movies were pictures.  If I have any strength, it’s in the short story… probably because I don’t have quite as much patience as others.

Interview in Pif Magazine [October 2004]

Click HERE to read the full October 2004 interview with US novelist and screenwriter BRUCE JAY FRIEDMAN conducted by DEREK ALGER and posted on the website of Pif Magazine.  You can also click HERE to read a short non-fiction piece by BRUCE JAY FRIEDMAN titled Some Thoughts on Clint Eastwood and Heidegger extracted from his 2000 book Even The Rhinos Were Nymphos: Best Nonfiction

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