Thursday, 13 April 2017

THINK ABOUT IT #24: Otto Rank

The struggle of the artist against the art-ideology, against the creative impulse and even against his own work also shows itself in his attitude towards success and fame; these two phenomena are but an extension, socially, of the process which began subjectively with the vocation and creation of the personal ego to be an artist.  In this entire creative process, which begins with self-nomination as artist and ends in the fame of posterity, two fundamental tendencies –– one might almost say, two personalities of the individual –– are in continual conflict throughout:  one wants to externalize itself in artistic creation, the other in ordinary life –– in brief, mortal man versus the immortal soul of man.

Art and Artist (1932)

Click HERE to visit the website of Austrian-American Psychologist, Philosopher, Art Critic, Social Anthropologist and Educator OTTO RANK (1884-1939) maintained by E JAMES LEIBERMAN.

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