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GRANT SNIDER Styles of Writing (2014)

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People tend to think that inspiration, exploration, and elation are the majority of the creative process, that artists live in this magical land of ideas.  But most of creative work is getting something down, being dissatisfied with it, reworking it, reworking it again, throwing it out, starting over, and continuing until some deadline arrives.  Creative work, aside from those rare moments of pure inspiration, is real work.  Taking time each day to put in the work and be at your drawing table: that’s how it gets done.  If nothing happens, you still have to be there in the chair, otherwise absolutely nothing will get done.  Those moments are hidden from the public eye; no one sees the hours at the drawing table waiting for ideas to come or reworking things. They see the finished product.

Interviewed in The Los Angeles Review of Books
16 July 2017

Click HERE to visit INCIDENTAL COMICS, the wonderful blog of US cartoonist GRANT SNIDER.  You can also click HERE to read the full July 2017 GRANT SNIDER interview by JEFFREY KINDLEY on the website of The Los Angeles Review of Books and HERE to order a copy of his book The Shape of Ideas: An Illustrated Exploration of Creativity (published by Abrams ComicArts in April 2017). 

Abrams Comic Arts, first US edition, 2017

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