Thursday, 14 December 2017


My first mentor said, Write toward the pain.  And write something you could read to a dying person.  These are harsh, useful measures and they stay valid.  Besides Cutler, Scarpa, Motherwell, again, my new mentor is David Nash.  He is a sculptor and his works create silence around them.  And you can’t help it.  You enter into that silence.  This moral, truthful silence.  This emptiness in which you feel deeply alive.  And this completes the work, ‘consummates the work’ as Nash says, referencing Duchamp.  A very nice word choice.  The work finds its lover.  Then it is fully realized.  Then, finally, it is complete.
  On a more technical level I learn a lot by walking around the city.  It just happens.  You’re walking along minding your own business and you see in the Max Mara window something entirely new.  A mannequin wearing wheat colored menswear socks with blush suede pumps!  You stare at it for an hour, that friction, that juxtaposition, and you go home and write better dialogue because you’ve seen good dialogue with your eyes.

Q&A interview 2015

Click HERE to read more about US writer MARY RAKOW and her novel This Is Why I Came, published by the Counterpoint Press in December 2015.

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