Thursday, 11 January 2018

THINK ABOUT IT #33: Anonymous

Finding a way to be creative in the digital age is a very hard thing to do.  It almost feels as if every idea someone may come up with has already been done and even if it hasn’t, whatever idea that may come to mind is probably being influenced by another.  There’s a common misconception that originality is dead and in its place is simply reworked or rehashed ideologies that may improve upon the initial concept which leave a lasting feeling of 'Was it really needed?'.
  This concept is intertwined into nearly everything in life but truly comes to light in certain industries, one of which is music.  As the mainstream appeal of certain genres takes hold, it feels as if everything is just a reworked version of whatever is popular at the time.
  That’s why it’s important to look outside the realm of commonality and venture into genres and bands that don’t have the mainstream appeal –– they’re the ones who are truly reimagining what we think of certain sounds…

From an unsigned review of The Stories We Tell Ourselves (2017), an album by San Antonio band Nothing More released in September 2017.

Click HERE to read the full review on the Exystence website.

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