Friday, 25 March 2016

THINK ABOUT IT #11: Lee Nutter

In a perfect world, nipples will serve no purpose, and we will have evolved beyond their existence.  Babies will be fed on state sanctioned formulas created by large corporations.  The base desire once known as ‘sexual arousal’ will be superfluous as these same corporations will be producing young consumers who obey laws and legislation without question, and the primitive idea of 'art’ will [be] replaced with infomercials and advertisements that educate, entertain, and encourage the purchase of authorised goods and services.

Complex relationships with friends, family, and loved ones will no longer be necessary for the population’s satisfaction. Nor will difficult intellectual or creative endeavours that may take many years to bear fruit.  Happiness will be achieved through simple interactions with algorithms that serve up little hits of serotonin by way of immediately gratifying entertainment morsels, and long term satisfaction will be attainable by pharmaceuticals provided for free to anyone working for any one of our corporate sponsors.

Having been made superfluous, and managed by the aforementioned pharmaceuticals, the evil that is sexuality will cease to exist.  The time that was once wasted on relationships will be put to good use working for your choice of approved corporations, providing you with enough credit points to select from any one of the many exciting authorised products produced by our suppliers.

Not only will the population be satisfied, they will also be safe.  Anyone caught producing unsanctioned goods, including but not limited to visual media that does not encourage the purchase of authorised products, will be found and charged with treason.  Without risk of inspiration or provocation, consumers will rest easy in the knowledge that everyone is living the same equally satisfying and productive lives.

Tumblr post [27 February 2016]

Click HERE to visit the Tumblr blog and HERE to visit the website of photographer and writer LEE NUTTER.  (**WARNING:  Do not visit these sites if you are offended by the thought and/or sight of nude art photography.)

LEE NUTTER and his wife MEL relocated to Cambodia in October 2016 and have started a new website called CambodiaMe on which they post about their experiences.  I urge everyone to visit the site and join their subscriber list. 

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